Lab Members

The Energy Economics Lab has 2 professors, 1 secretary, 16 Doctoral students, 10 Master`s students, plus some visiting researchers and pre-doctoral students


The latest photos of the group (left – 2023.04) (right – 2022.10) – some not shown

Teaching Staff

Dr Ben McLellan  (←Click for more info)

Professor of Socio-Environmental Energy Science

Dr Seiichi Ogata  (←Click for more info)

Associate Professor of Socio-Environmental Energy Science

Mayumi Hung (Secretary)

 Doctoral Students

Yilun Luo (3rd Year +)

Jiazhen (Jason) Yap (3rd Year +)

  • From Malaysia
  • Researching: Hydrogen Economy Transitions

Khadija Usher (2nd Year)

  • From Belize
  • Researching: Energy Transitions in Small Developing Economies
  • Graduated from Master`s in this Lab (2022)
  • Master`s Thesis: Investigating Governance in Re-structured Electricity Supply Systems, Case Study: Small Developing Economies (SDEs)

Andik Irawan (2nd Year)

Teuku Zahari (2nd Year)

  • From Indonesia
  • Researching: Systems Dynamics in Fossil-fuel Phase-out and Renewable Uptake
  • Google Scholar

Allen Lemence (1st Year)

  • From Philippines
  • Researching: Sustainability Assessment of Energy Systems

Qinan Maulana (1st Year)

Chen Chen (1st Year)

  • From China
  • Energy-X-Nexus

Madhuri Pal (1st Year)

Samin Rassi (Master`s / PhD with Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability)

  • From Iran
  • Researching: Energy Markets

Bintang Widhana (pre-doctoral research student)

  • From Indonesia
  • Researching: TBA

Professional Doctoral Students

Andrew Curtis (Professional PhD)

  • From Australia

Luke Eginton (Professional PhD)

  • From Australia

Akira Kishimoto (Professional PhD)

Master`s Students

Moe Thiri Zun (Master`s 1st Year / Double Degree with University of Malaya)

  • From Myanmar
  • Researching: Cost Projection of Global Green Hydrogen Production Scenarios

Hiroya Chida (Master`s 2nd Year)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: TBA

Kyohei Iimura (Master`s 2nd Year)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: TBA

Koh Kuwahara (Master`s 2nd Year)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: TBA

Ana Paula Jiménez Olea (Master`s 1st Year)

  • From Colombia
  • Researching: TBA

Aigerim Imangali (Master`s 1st Year)

  • From Khazakhstan
  • Researching: TBA

Kazuhiko Tsukamoto (Master`s 1st Year)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: TBA

Taichi Usuki (Master`s 1st Year)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: TBA

Ryuki Tanaka (Master`s 1st Year)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: TBA

Shouhei Naganuma (Master`s 1st Year)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: TBA

Visiting Researchers

Zhili Zuo (PhD Candidate)

  • From China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

Yonglin Li (visiting PhD Candidate)

Yiming Yao (visiting PhD Candidate)

Graduated Members (2022)

David Sanchinelli (Master`s)

Shiori Katakawa (Master`s)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: Evaluation of the potential for second-life utilisation of EV batteries for energy storage under different utilisation patterns
  • 消費者使用パターンを考慮した電気自動車用バッテリーの二次利用可能性評価

Sota Abe (Master`s)

  • From Japan
  • Researching: Current and Future Criticality Assessment of the Copper and its By-products in Japan and Globally
  • 日本および世界における銅と銅の副産物のクリティカリティ評価と需給予測

Athaya Mahadita (Master`s / Double Degree with University of Malaya)

  • From Indonesia
  • Researching: Energy security assessment and investigation of the related impacts of COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia
  • (インドネシアにおけるCOVID-19パンデミックのエネルギー安全保障評価とその影響に関する調査)

Patcharee Penchan (Master`s / Double Degree with Chulalongkorn University)

  • From Thailand
  • Researching: Developing a Framework for Assessment of Hydrogen Adoption Readiness in Energy Systems: A Case Study in Japan
  • (エネルギーシステムにおける水素導入状況を評価するためのフレームワーク開発:日本における事例研究)

Augustin LeGrand (Master`s)

ShweSin Han (Master`s / Double Degree with University of Malaya)

  • From Myanmar
    Researching: Microgrids for Power Delivery in Myanmar

Yuhan Jiang (Master`s)

  • From China
  • Master`s Thesis: Analysis of the affect of anti-COVID-19-pandemic measures on electricity consumption: case studies from China and the EU

Seiichi Hata (Master`s)

  • From Japan
  • Thesis: TBA

Ryo Miyawaki (Master`s)

  • From Japan
  • Thesis: TBA

Kaiyan Yang (Master`s Double Degree with Chulalongkorn University)

  • From China
  • Thesis: Investigating the capacity to improve sales forecast accuracy for New Energy Vehicles in China using online search data

Yi Zheng (visiting PhD Candidate from DTU, Denmark)

Shuping Cheng (visiting PhD student)

Graduated Members (2021)

Dr Tetsuo Tezuka  (←Click for more info)

Professor Emeritus of Socio-Environmental Energy Science

Tomoko Tomomatsu(Secretary)

Dr Ryosuke Gotoh 

Khadija Usher (Master`s -> PhD)

  • From Belize
  • Thesis: Investigating Governance in Re-structured Electricity Supply Systems, Case Study: Small Developing Economies (SDEs)
    (再構築した電力供給システムにおけるガバナンスの調査事例研究:小開発途上国 (SDEs))

Dr Ran Motoori (PhD)

Dr Esmaeil Ahmadi (PhD) 

Dr Widha Kusumaningdyah (PhD)

Masato Nagasawa (Master`s)

  • From Hyogo, Japan
  • Thesis: Evaluation of the impact of the spread of clean energy vehicles on critical mineral supply risk: Focusing on vehicle use and battery operation
  • クリーンエネルギー自動車普及のクリティカルミネラル供給リスクへの影響評価:自動車利用とバッテリー運用に着目して

Al-Matin.MD Abdullah (Master`s)

  • From Bangladesh
  • Thesis: A Study on Optimal Bi-lateral Electricity Trading Considering Social Welfare of ASEAN Member States

Khurel Ochir Dolgormaa (Master`s)

  • From Mongolia
  • Thesis: Empirical study on the regional Socio-Economic outcomes of the Extractive Industries in Mongolia

Tatsuya Ohno (Master`s)

  • From Japan
  • Thesis: Analysis of energy saving effect of introducing a next-generation transportation system to downtown Kyoto
  • 次世代交通システムの京都市街地への導入による省エネルギー効果の分析

Ken Nagase (Master`s) 

  • From Japan
  • Thesis: Estimating the energy and environmental load of a plant factory for the purpose of cultivating tropical plants
  • 熱帯植物を栽培目的とした植物工場のエネルギー・環境負荷の推定

Sho Ashida (Master`s)

  • From Japan
  • Thesis: Impact of social capital on the process of digitization -Case study of administrative information distribution system “Ineban” in Ine-cho, Yoza-gun, Kyoto Prefecture-
  • 社会関係資本の蓄積がデジタル化の導入過程に及ぼす影響 -京都府与謝郡伊根町の行政情報配信システム「いねばん」の事例-

Hirotaka Mizuguchi (Master`s)

  • From Japan
  • Thesis: Analysis of economic effects of utilizing surplus renewable electricity for crypto-currency mining 
  • 暗号資産を活用した再生可能 エネルギー余剰電力の経済効果分析

Graduated Members (2020)

Huseyn Askerov (Master`s)

Altangerel Amarbold (Master`s)

  • From Mongolia
  • Thesis: Modeling of demand response behavior for a virtual power plant design
  • Currently: Employed in Japan

Ryo Nakamura (Master`s) 

  • From Kanagawa, Japan
  • Thesis: 再生可能エネルギー大量導入下の自律分散的な電力需給調整機構に関する研究
  • (Tentative translation) (Research on autonomous decentralized power supply and demand adjustment mechanisms under widespread introduction of renewable energy)
  • Currently: Working in Japan

Atsutaka Yamada (Master`s)

  • From Kyoto, Japan
  • Thesis: 営農型太陽光発電の構造最適化と普及シナリオの評価
  • (Tentative translation)(Structural optimization of farm-type photovoltaic power generation and evaluation of diffusion scenarios)

Graduated Members (2019)

Takuma Watari (Master`s)

Kentaro Nagata (Master`s)

  • From Hyogo, Japan
  • Thesis: 社会関係資本の蓄積がCommunity Renewable Energyに及ぼす影響 -東吉野村小水力発電事業の事例-
  • (Tentative translation) (Impact of Accumulation of Social Capital on Community Renewable Energy-Example of Higashiyoshino Village Small Hydropower Project-)

Peng Hanwen (Master`s)

  • From China
  • Thesis: Analysis of Alternative Recycling Systems and Country-Product Characteristics as a Basis for Proposing Future Energy Device Recycling
  • Currently: Working in Japan

Briandhika Utama (Master`s) 

  • From Indonesia
  • Thesis: Evaluation of the economic implications of ASEAN+3 countries` energy mix transitions towards renewable energy
  • Currently: Working as an Engineer in Japan

Bergman Carl Ludvig William (Master`s)

Graduated Members (2018)

Dr Riccardo Iacobucci (PhD)

Mashifu Noguchi (Master`s)

  • From New Zealand
  • Thesis: Framework for the assessment of potential hydrogen supply chains and their effect on Japan’s energy security
  • Currently: Working as an Engineer in Japan

Hiroaki Ishikawa (Master`s)

  • From Iwate, Japan
  • Thesis: あわじ環境未来島構想における持続可能目標の地域振興効果分析
  • (Tentative translation) (Analysis of regional promotion effects of sustainable goals in the Awaji Environmental Future Island Initiative)

Nobuhiro Kobayashi (Master`s)

  • From Kyoto, Japan
  • Thesis: 再生可能エネルギー利用社会におけるエネルギー貯蔵のベストミックス
  • (Tentative translation) (The best mix of energy storage in a renewable energy society)

Aya Fujimoto (Master`s)

  • From Kyoto, Japan
  • Thesis: 資源埋蔵量と環境負荷を考慮した都市鉱山利用戦略の検討
  • (Tentative translation) (Examination of urban mine utilization strategy considering reserves and environmental load)

Graduated Members (2017)

Dr Niken Prilandita (PhD)

Dr Andrew Chapman (PhD)

Catur Kurniadi (Master`s)

  • From Indonesia
  • Thesis: The effect of energy subsidies on households’ energy consumption in Indonesia

Shungo Edamatsu (Master`s)

  • From Nara, Japan
  • Thesis: 水素エネルギーのサプライチェーンにおけるクリティカルメタルの研究
  • (Tentative translation) (Research on critical metals in the hydrogen energy supply chain)

Eisuke Sakagami (Master`s)

  • From Nagasaki, Japan
  • Thesis: 再生可能エネルギー電源のみで構成された電力市場の制度設計
  • (Tentative translation) (Institutional design of the electricity market consisting only of renewable energy power sources)

Kojiro Tsue (Master`s)

  • From Kanagawa, Japan
  • Thesis: インドのスマートシティにおける水・エネルギー需給システムの設計と評価
  • (Tentative translation) (Design and evaluation of water and energy supply and demand systems in smart cities in India)

Graduated Members (2016)

Kenji Niwa (Master`s) 

Kazufumi Hirose (Master`s)

  • From Osaka, Japan
  • Thesis:

Ran Motoori (Master`s -> PhD)

  • From Saga, Japan
  • Thesis: 

 Graduated Members (2015)

Anindya Bhattacharya (Professional PhD)

Minoru Saito (Master`s)

  • From Hyogo, Japan

Yoshihide Soh (Master`s)

  • From Osaka, Japan

Ai Torii (Master`s)

  • From Osaka, Japan

Yuichiro Nakamura (Master`s)

  • From Chiba, Japan

Chen Lijing (Master`s)

  • From China