Kyoto University – Kyushu University Joint Workshop

Future Zero Carbon Energy Systems and their Implications

(2023.03.16) Students at the KU-KU workshop

On the 16th of March, 5 students from the lab joined 5 students from Prof. Chapman`s lab at Kyushu University for a joint workshop on “Future Zero Carbon Energy Systems and their Implications“. It was a full day of presentations, with a special guest Jill Engel-Cox (NREL) providing insightful comments for the students. 

We look forward to welcoming the Kyushu group to Kyoto in a few months.

Workshop Program

Lab Visit – Kyushu University (17th of March)

Following the workshop, some of the group visited the laboratory of Prof. Hooman Farzaneh for a lab tour and introduction. (we look forward to more interaction in upcoming months)

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