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Thank you for everything

By this month, Nakamura-san (secretary), Kayode, Widha (D3 students) and Ishikawa, Kobayashi, Fujimoto (M2 students) will leave our laboratory. Their nice smiles in graduation ceremony and farewell party are as follows. They’ve done their...


New Member

We hearty welcomed new 5 members this April. Wishing you all the best on your research life in Tezuka Lab!


Farewell Party

We had the farewell party. Thank you M2s for your kindness and many helps. We wish you the brightest future and success.  


Nushima Research Field Trip

We went to Nushima from June 21st to 22nd for a study tour. We had an experience at a fishery and visited famous places on the island, hearing about the long history of Nushima....


JSER 2014 Conference

This year in January, 3 Students from the Socio-Environmental Energy Science Department attended the 30th Energy Systems, Economy and Environment Conference, hosted in Tokyo by the Japan Society of Energy and Resources (JSER) The...


Website Renewal!

Thankyou for visiting our new website – as part of our web renewal program we are introducing our new site which includes information on our Lab Members, Research Activities and latest publications! Enjoy your...